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Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate5 hours ago

Good times at the Hamptonburgh Country Festival 2018 yesterday! I enjoyed spending time with Carol and Paul, and it was fun to see Dr. Maria discover her inner farmer on this classic Farmall C.

Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate added 6 new photos — in Middletown, Orange County, New York.1 day ago

Our volunteer workshop in Middletown was a huge success today! Over 50 people participated. We talked about all sorts of ways to reach out to people, and all of the ways people can help out either in their neighborhoods, or in our office, or from home.

We'll be doing two more of these workshops in Monticello and Delhi. You can always see all of our volunteer events here:

Thanks so much to everyone who came out! I'm so moved by your support and your help.

Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate1 day ago

Wow! 50+ volunteers so far at our Middletown volunteer workshop, and people are still arriving!

The workshop goes until noon, so if you're anywhere near our office at 280 Route 211 (NY-211), please come join us.

We can set you up to help here, or from home, or in whatever way works for you — if you can't make it this morning, come by any other time. Whatever time you have to offer, we'll find a way to make it work!

Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate added 3 new photos.1 day ago

It was a packed house last night in Neversink! Thanks so much, Jody, Chris, and Matt, for putting this house party together, and it's always a pleasure to spend time with Antonio Delgado and Chad McEvoy for NY Assembly 101.

We talked a lot about education funding, and how property taxes and healthcare costs are intertwined. The primary driver of property taxes is public education funding, and one of the biggest components is skyrocketing healthcare costs for public school employees.

Property taxes and healthcare costs are both unsustainable and need deep, comprehensive fixes at the state level.

Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate2 days ago

Reason #29: To stand up for women.

Legislation that would protect reproductive freedom in New York if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade has been blocked repeatedly in the State Senate. It's more important than ever to have representatives in Albany who will stand up for women against a federal government that seems determined to weaken our rights, and move us forwards, not backwards.


Jen Metzger for NY Senate

Jen Metzger for NY Senate3 days ago

The turnout has been amazing at our volunteer workshops across the district. The energy and commitment is so inspiring. People really want to make a positive change!

An always-current list of volunteer events is here: I hope to see you!

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