We're all in this together!

We can have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people—as long as we, the people, get involved. And now, more than ever, we need YOU to get involved!

Election Day is almost here and it's time to Get Out the Vote! We're reaching out to supporters to make sure they are fired up, know where their polling site is, and have a plan to vote.

Getting out the vote takes volunteers—lots and lots of volunteers. We need people to knock on doors, make phone calls, drive, do data entry... it is going to take literally hundreds of people to get this done. We have GOTV hubs throughout the district. Find a location below to sign up for a shift or two, or even the whole day!

Orange County GOTV 11/3-6

Middletown (at our campaign office!)
Port Jervis (at a volunteer's home)
Warwick (at a volunteer's home)
Goshen (Goshen Music Hall)

Sullivan County GOTV 11/3-6

Youngsville (at a volunteer's home)
Liberty (at a volunteer's home)
Monticello (at our campaign office)

Ulster County GOTV 11/3-6

New Paltz (at our campaign office)
Rosendale (at a volunteer's home)
Ellenville (at a volunteer's home)

Delaware County GOTV 11/3-6

Delhi (at the DC Democrats GOTV team station)
Walton (at the DC Democrats GOTV team station)

Not able to come in person? Sign up to make phone calls from home. If you have any questions, contact us here.