How to Vote for Jen in the
September 13th Primary!

Can I vote this Thursday?

If you are a Democrat, you can VOTE for Jen!
If you are an unaffiliated voter, you can VOTE for Jen!
Unaffiliated voters, who are not registered in any political party, can write in “Jen Metzger” on the Reform party ballot.
See step 1 below to find out if you can vote!
Follow these 6 steps and have your voice heard!
  1. Check your voter registration here.
    If it says you're a Democrat or that you are "not enrolled in a party" you can vote for Jen!

  2. Preview a sample ballot.
    I’m a Democrat! Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware
    I’m an unaffiliated voter, not registered in a political party! Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware
    I’m a Republican! Unfortunately, you will have to wait until November 6th.

  3. Find your polling location.
    Orange, Ulster, SullivanDelaware

  4. Make a plan! Voting hours can be tricky - check them out below.
    Orange County: 6am-9pm
    Ulster County: 12pm-9pm
    Sullivan County: 12pm-9pm
    Delaware County: 12pm-9pm

  5. For unaffiliated voters only:
    When you arrive at the polls, ask for a Reform party ballot, find the write-in box for State Senator, and write in Jen Metzger!

  6. Any questions? Reach out to our campaign!
    Phone: 845-397-7706